10 Best Breathable Face Masks – 2020 Review

Face Masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to make it mandatory for every individual to wear a facemask in all public places, work, and somewhat at home for our safety. However, many people don’t like wearing face masks, because they are yet to find the one that works well for them. There is no one size fit all for respiratory protectors or face masks, that is why it is important to find the ones that work for you, make it easy for you to breathe and carry out your daily activities effectively.

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Sports Face Mask

The Sports Face Mask is the right choice for you if you have been searching for a soft, reusable, lightweight dusk mask with filters and valves that would make breathing easy for you as you go about your training among other daily activities in harsh environments.

It is made from a durable mesh fabric combined with multiple filters; it has 2 ear loops that can fix the face mask on the ears, the velcro on the back can be adjusted according to the face shape, and the aluminum nose clip seals prevent eyeglasses from fogging.

The face mask can effectively resist more than 95% harmful substances and protect the face from dust, pollution, ash, pollen, allergy, haze, and smoke. It is reusable when washed in clean water and a small amount of alcohol.

This sports face mask is good for athletes, glass wearers, and people that enjoy outdoor activities such as Running, Cycling, Skiing Motorbikes, etc

This product comes with a worry-free guarantee and the customer support agents are responsive. Sports Face Mask’s Pros and Cons are discussed below:

It is very comfortable for sport activitiesIt comes only in black color
It is more comfortable than the medical masks while working out.Users with a slim face might need to clip the bottom of the face mask to fit
It fit well and allows users to speak clearly while having it onIt might not offer much protection if it doesn’t fit well
It fit perfectly for both old and young people 
It does not fog eyeglasses 
It makes breathing easy 
It comes with extra filters that are easy to replace 
It is comfortable to wear 
You can adjust the length to make it fit. 
It has no weird rubber smell 
It has a strap for your ear that prevents the mask from falling off 
It allows individuals with COPD to breathe easily 
The dual valves lower the claustrophobia factor 

4 Pack Unisex Reusable Dust Face Protection

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The 4 Pack Unisex Reusable Dust Face Protection is your best bet if you are looking for a protective and fashionable face mask that will work for every member of the family.

It is made from a comfortable and high quality fabric and it is dust-proof. It comes in 4 pieces with 12 Carbon Filters, 8 Breathing Valves for excellent permeability, it is good for use in hot climates.

It has a nose pad and a hanging ear design elastic strap to meet people’s specific needs. It comes with an extra activated carbon filter that helps breathe more cleanly.

The face cover is excellent in windproof and dustproof performance, typically good It is suitable for buyers who love outdoor activities such as Bicycle Riding, Running, Cycling, and Outdoor Sports.

It Solves the problem of fogging glassesThe air vents pop out occasionally.
The strap on the back makes it easy to doff and don the face mask easily and quickly when and where necessary 
It works well irrespective of age and gender 
It is good for sporting activities 

FITGAME Workout Mask

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The FITGAME workout mask as the name implies is the best protective and fashionable face mask for the gym freaks and athletes (Male and Female). It allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits from your workout while you are still obeying the CDC rules.

The face mask allows you to work on your breathing muscle strength and techniques with its 24 resistance levels. The resistance levels are customizable and it can be easily adjusted according to one’s level. This face mask does not rip off easily because it is made from superior quality material and stitched with perfection.

FITGAME Workout is suitable for working out in the gym and performing other outdoor activities such as running, climbing, hiking, etc.

It makes breathing easyThe location of the inhale hole is off-center
It is perfect for workout and other outdoor activities such as altitude trainingIt does not fit well on slim faces
It can be easily adjusted to fitIt might bruise your nose if it doesn’t fit well
It is cheap when compared to other face masks of its kind 
It makes breathing easy for asthmatic individuals 
It is Unisex 
It is Fashionable 
It allows you to work out for a long period 
It makes breathing easy for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis 
It is Fashionable 

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Reusable Face Bandanas

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The Reusable Face Bandanas is a respiratory protector that offers comprehensive protection from non-oil based particles which makes breathing easy and does not fog the glasses.

It is made of premium nylon and activated carbon filters and vents which offer protection from dust pollution. It has a flexible earloop that reduces rubbing on ears, a soft nose pad, and an adjustable snap-on nose clip to provide a better fit. It also comes with extra filters which are easy to replace. It is hand and machine washable.

Reusable Face Bandanas is ideal for Running, Cycling, and Other Outdoor Activities.

It is easy to breathe inIt does not offer microbial protection
It does not fog glasses 
Comfortable to wear around 
Easy to clean by hand/machine wash 
comes with a pocket for 2 extra replacements 
good quality and adjustable. 

2 Pack Reusable Face Bandanas

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The reusable face bandanas is a unisex dust face mask that offers effective protection from dust, pollen, and other fine particles in the air. It is made of cotton and comes in twos. It is suitable for partners who love to wear similar patterns of face mask.

It fit well for every individual irrespective of age (adult and children) as it can be easily adjusted.

The reusable face bandanas are good for outdoor activities like cycling, camping, running, traveling, climbing, and daily use.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and easy-to-reach customer support.

It Comes with 4 Pieces of Activated Carbon Filters.It comes in only one style
It is much more breathable than masks without a valveIt might be small on men with a wide face
It minimizes fogging on eyeglasses 
Makes breathing easy during body exercises 
It maintains its good look after washing 
It can be worn all day without feeling trapped or anxious. 

COHER Training Mask

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The Coher training mask is what you need if you have been searching for unisex altitude training masks to build your resistance and endurance.

It makes breathing easy for both professional athletes and sports aficionado while maximizing their workout results. It allows you to be in control of your workout intensity, without having to constantly adjust it due to unpleasant sliding. It has 24-30 Breathing Resistance Levels which helps strengthen the respiratory muscles, increases lung capacity and endurance, and builds mental focus.

The COHER training mask is made from superior quality, highly durable materials. The highly breathable head sleeve fabric and elastic straps won’t loosen or deform and are guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

This oxygen elevation mask is compatible with all sorts of workout routines and exercises, from running, jogging, cycling, fitness programs, cardio, sports training, climbing, or hiking.

If you’re feeling up for a nice challenge, the COHER elevation mask is the perfect solution!

It is a universal fitThe elastic harness might lose its elasticity after some weeks if mishandled
It is affordableIt smells like rubber the first time
It is excellent for Power YogaThe airflow adjustments don’t work properly in some cases
It makes training intense and super coolIt might be restrictive on training beginners
It comes with a bag and extra filters for replacement 
The resistance valves make it easy for you to restrict your airflow 
The harness has good elasticity to fit most faces 
Fast Healthy and Efficient way to develop diaphragm muscles 

Earloop Bandana Balaclava

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The Earloop Bandana Balaclava is a soft, reusable Fashion Unisex Cotton Face Protection for the family as it comes in 4 pieces.

It is made of high-quality cotton and can be folded for easy carrying. It is suitable for everyday use

It is ideal for outdoor activities like cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing.

It works for both microbial protection and pollutionthe masks can be small for some adults
Lightweight, adjustable and breathable 
Good fit for Children and adults 
It comes in 4 different colors 
It is washable 
You can adjust them to suit your need 
The materials they are made from are soft to the skin 
the ventilation button works 
they come with extra filters that are easy to replace 

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6 Pieces Summer Balaclava Face Mask

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The 6 Pieces Summer Balaclava Face Mask is your best bet if you need a face mask to protect your hair, face, and neck; a face mask that you can share with your family member or good friends.

This Face Mask is breathable and soft to wear, lightweight, and portable; you can carry it as you want, put it on when you need to. It is easy to wash and dry quickly. It would also match the color of your outfit as it comes in 6 different colors.

The Summer Balaclava Face Mask is good for both indoor and outdoor activities.

It does not fog glassesThey fray if mishandled during washing
It fits wellThe webbing in front of the mouthpiece can be uncomfortable.
It makes breathing easy 
It is good for the family 
Lightweight and way more comfortable than the medical face masks 
It doubles as a hair net 
It helps keep the hair and face clean. 

Anti Pollution Face Mask

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The anti-Pollution Face Mask as its name implies offers protection against dust, smoke, smog, exhaust gas, and pollen grains.

It has an adjustable face-wear elastic loop designed to fit most people. It comes with 2 carbon activated filters, designed to last from 40 to 60 hours of extensive use and encourage healthy breathing.

It is suitable for Walking, Hiking, Running, Cycling, Skiing, etc.

It helps people that suffer from allergy attack breath wellIt doesn’t seal much around slim faces
It helps people with Asthma breath wellThe Filter knob pops out if mishandled
it is breathable, 
it is washable 
It works for both adults and children 

Cooling Neck Gaiter Drawstring

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This neck gaiter drawstring serves multifunctional purposes such as a face mask, headscarf, face scarf, face cover, balaclava, beanie, hair band, sports band, wrist band, neck guard, etc.

It is made of soft and durable fabric. It has the advantages of absorbing sweat, quick-drying, sun protection, breathable, and high elasticity. It is the moisture-wicking and quick-dry that keeps you a long time cool.

This face cover is stretchable to increase it elasticity and the rope helps it fits all sizes of heads and faces snugly, and does not slide even when you are doing vigorous exercises. The Stitched edges prevent fray and roll effectively to ensure a long work time

The Neck Gaiter Drawstring is suitable for various outdoor activities and sports, such as running, fishing, cycling, hiking, camping, motorcycle riding, hunting, yoga, mountain, travel, and other sports.

This product comes with a worry-free service

It makes breathing easyIt could cause choking if your neck size is above 15.
It can be used by both children and adultRequire washing before use because of its factory smells
The side vents also allow the heat from my breath to easily escape.the drawstring tighteners can break if mishandled
It works great for guys with full beards. 
It works for individuals with a slim face 
It is Unisex 
It is lightweight and easy to carry around 
It is good for construction works 
It is more convenient than those masks that hook over the ears. 
when you are safe to unmask, it “stows” around the neck 

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