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Create a Successful Construction Safety Plan the Easiest Way

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics When you compare the construction industry to other industries in the United States, it is the most hazardous industry. That is, the highest number of injuries and fatalities are recorded in the construction industry. As a result of this, OSHA recommends that every construction employer/contractor should have a construction safety program in place to cater for workplace hazards that could occur on the jobsite and actively promote safety on the construction site. What is a Construction safety Program? A construction safety program is a safety strategy developed on a jobsite to provide protection...

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Why is the Occupational Safety and Health at Worksites Vital?

We work to live and not vice-versa! That is why living is more important than working. Construction is indisputably a very risky profession with one of the highest fatality rates. On average, about 3% (or 60,000) of construction workers get injured at the site while 4% (or 80,000) suffer from work-related illnesses annually. To gain further insights, let’s look at the statistics for the 2014-2015 period: 142 construction workers died while working on site 611,000 cases of injury – minor and major – was recorded within a construction site A whopping 27.3 million workdays were lost due to on-site injury...