About me

Hi there, I’m Abdullahi Ibrahim, Construction Safety & Health Expert with a Professional certification from OSHAcademy. I have been participating in Occupational Safety since graduation from college and i decide to share my findings from my day-to-day work with readers. Also, i am working on commencing a Civil Engineering & Management PhD. program in one of the prestigious universities in the United States.

The website, www.safetyoutfit.com is a construction safety management blog created to serve as a reference material related to construction workers safety and everything thereof. Here we can talk about the different personal protective equipment, as relevant to different construction site condition. The articles/blogs on this site were based on the author’s daily occupational safety experience. The goal of this site is to share the knowledge and information in a straight forward and direct to the point discussions related to Occupational safety. So if you work in the construction industry and an interested reader. This site is for you.